The Ultimate Guide to Snore-free, Natural Living

It’s something that can kill relationships and make you the laughing stock of the household. Unfortunately, snoring really is no laughing matter yet despite this, millions of people around the world are forced to live with it.

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Over the years we have seen experts release various medications but to no avail. Well, today’s article is going to go against the grain somewhat, and promote some of the best natural ways you can put an end to your snoring days.

Before we dive into some of the methods, let’s take a look at snoring in a little more detail.



What are the causes behind snoring?

causes of snoring

One of the reasons this is such a big problem is that there is no one-fits-all cause when it comes to snoring. There are all sorts of reasons why it happens, with alcohol, allergies, obesity and even sleeping on your back being some of the most common. All of these can, indirectly sometimes, narrow your airway and ultimately cause the dreaded snore.


So, how can you stop snoring?

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Now the introductions are over, let’s take a look at some of the best natural ways you can put an end to snoring for good.


Quit the cigarettes

Let’s start with basic advice that should form the basis of most health guides: quit smoking. We don’t need to jump into all of the health consequences of smoking, the authorities publish more than enough statistics about this on a regular basis.

Something else that has come to light about smoking more recently is its impact on snoring though. It has been found that the more people smoke, the more intense they will snore. This should really not come as a surprise, with so many sleep conditions like insomnia and sleep apnoea being linked to cigarettes.


The same rules apply with alcohol

As you will find with a lot of the suggestions that we speak about through today’s guide, many involve the basic, healthy lifestyle tips that have been drilled into us from a young age. This certainly applies with this next point, and if you are someone who likes to enjoy an alcoholic tipple before going to sleep, now is the time to stop.

Sure, alcohol is something that might send you to sleep initially, but this sleep certainly isn’t going to be of good quality. It will play with your sleep patterns but in the case of snoring, it will also relax the muscles in your throat. What is the result of this? Snoring suddenly becomes much more common.


Get to the bottom of your allergies

Whether it is a pet allergy or one against pollen, try and keep on top of it if you want to quash your snoring habits. This point really shouldn’t come as a surprise; most of these allergies cause a stuffy nose and this is obviously linked to all of the airway issues we have been talking about today.

It can be hard to treat some allergies, but understand that they will be impacting you in more ways than the everyday annoyance that you tend to realise.


Stay on top of your waistline

Obesity has a lot to answer for, and there’s every chance that snoring can be added to this list. As we have already talked about, snoring happens when your airway narrows. Something that can contribute to this blockage is fatty tissue and suffice to say, this is common amongst those of you who are overweight.

As such, if you do fall into this category, try and get some exercise. As well as reducing the prevalence of fatty tissue, your muscle tone through your body is going to be improved and remain in shape as you sleep.


The other type of exercise

This next point is quite interesting, and quite a new revelation for that matter. We’ve just spoken about exercise, but there is a specific type of exercise that you can engage in if you want to boost your snoring plight.

This comes in the form of tongue and throat exercises. Believe it or not, there are several that can help you along your way, and ultimately strengthen these areas so that they are more likely to stay clear when you are attempting to get shut-eye.


It might be your sleeping position

As strange and simple as it might sound, one of the biggest causes behind snoring can be your sleeping position.

It has been found that those people who sleep on their back are much more likely to snore than those who sleep on their side. This isn’t by luck either; when you sleep on your back your tongue is much more likely to find its way towards the back of your throat and the rest, as they say, is history.

For those of you who don’t like to sleep on your side, consider an adjustable mattress. This will at least allow you to comfortably elevate your head and ultimately allow air to flow through your throat much more easily.


The importance of hydration

Just like most of the points, we have been taught for years about how important it is to stick to this one. However, there’s far more to staying hydrated than avoiding headaches and suffering all of the other side effects that a lack of water tends to cause.

When it comes to snoring, hydration is a big issue. If you are dehydrated, there’s a higher chance that mucus will form in your mouth with the upshot being that your airways can start to block.

What’s a decent amount of water to have? Well, this actually depends on your sex, with the experts suggesting that men should turn to around sixteen cups a day while this is twelve for women.


You are what you eat

OK, it’s a cliché, but your food can also wreak havoc with your snoring practices as well. Firstly, any sort of large meal before bed is going to ask for trouble, and this might make it somewhat difficult to sleep anyway.

However, if you do struggle with snoring, anything containing dairy is a definite no-go area. This is something that can result in mucus being deposited in your mouth, which ultimately interferes with your airways.


If all fails, use anti snoring products..

We’ve covered some suggestions that span far and wide today, but it could be argued that the last resort is one of the more intriguing ones. As we all know, doctors have tried and failed for years to devise a snoring solution, but you don’t necessarily have to try umpteen different kinds of medication.

What you can do is look at some of the mouthpieces that have entered the picture, which aim to get to the bottom of all of the reasons behind why snoring occurs. Let’s take a look at one of the market leaders, AirSnore, in more detail.


AirSnore : What you need to know:

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  • AirSnore has been put together by one of the most trusted names in the health industry. They have over a decade of experience, work in FDA approved facilities and use pharmaceutical grade ingredients.
  • AirSnore, in its simplest form, is a mouthpiece. It moulds itself exactly to the shape of your mouth, meaning that it will be completely comfortable for you – even while you sleep.
  • The product works by moving your jaw to allow more air to flow through the upper section of your airway. This makes breathing so much easier, and will put an end to your snoring.
  • As well as the mouthpiece, you also receive AirSnore Drops. These have been put together with tried-and-tested ingredients which are designed to relax, sooth and give you a much better night sleep. Furthermore, you only need to add a drop to your chest or nostrils to reap the rewards.
  • AirSnore is available to purchase for $49.95. However, if you want to combine the drops and the mouthpiece, this is priced at $89.95.

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