How Do I Start My Own Green Garden?

It’s far pa the time when you took a proactive stance regarding your health.  There’s of course exercise and other activities but diet is the most important. 

Starting My Own Green Garden

There are tons of great green products that have a low carbon footprint and are highly beneficial, and starting your own green garden is a major first step.



What Is A Green Garden?

Green Garden

A green garden is nothing more than gardening without pesticides or using products that contribute to pollution. Just think in terms of a 100 plus years ago.  Most gardens were already green.  They may not have been as efficient and smart as gardening today, but they didn’t affect the environment to levels of alarm.

Farmers knew certain processes and procedures produced what they wanted, however, greed and competition got the best of them and then corporations took over farming and put whatever they wanted into the food and into us.

As evidence mounted that corporations were more interested in profits than people, the need for green produced products has risen to astonishing rates.  Nowadays people not only are encouraged to do their own gardens but do so with the kind of resources that harm no one and especially the environment.


It’s Not That Difficult!

It's Not That Difficult

Starting your own green garden isn’t that difficult. Yes, it takes some studying and practicing but there is so much valuable and free information that only a maniac could go wrong.  You can grow your garden even on your own land and astonishingly even inside your own home!

Companies realized that the booming green movement would call for products that catered to it.  Entrepreneurs have come up with green gardening products that boggle the mind.  No pesticides needed and in some cases, no soil is needed.  It may sound fantastic but hydroponic gardening has made leaps and bounds.  If you do use water, filtration and irrigation techniques of today’s green gardener will blow your mind.

As a matter of fact, many people do green gardening because it’s fun.  Families join in and produce a number of excellent foods and decorative plants.  Kids join in early as 3 years old with gardens of their own that are easy to start and manage.  Seniors find this kind of gardening quite rewarding with the results being healthier foods and snacks that put a big dent in the grocery budget.

Today one can take free tutorials from experts and aficionados via YouTube and other video social networks.  You can join clubs and go to local get-togethers where people teach and share products and techniques.  Municipalities are seeing the economic value and sponsor events where green growing is spotlighted.

All these venues and more can bring about a rather rapid but solid education into how to not only start a green garden but also how to maintain it and make a profit!

Yes, you can definitely make some money from a green garden.


Having all The Green Gardening Fun In The World

Green Gardening Fun

Once you get started with your green garden, the fun will never end.  Sure sometimes there will be setbacks but nothing you cannot recover from.  On the other hand, you can’t make the same mistake twice which means every error will mean a big step to better gardening.

Planning is part of the big fun too.  After you’ve studied on which kind of gardening you want to do, the planning is just as fun.  If you garden outside then you’ll be able to work the garden’s engineering into the landscape or vice versa.  If you garden inside like as in your regular home space or greenhouse, you definitely need to plan.

Gardening inside calls for some discipline.  Today’s inside gardening will call for lots of patience as will all gardening, but the kind of patience to deal with pets and kids and the curious.

The green garden does wonders when constructed properly and can decoratively make them almost part of the family.  Hobbyists love to incorporate their green gardens with whatever they find interesting like train sets or doll and toy collections.

The gardens can accent the collections and the collections can accent the gardens.  One can have an inside green garden in every bedroom, the kitchen, bathrooms, and just about any place where light can get to the plants.

Companies have put out green gardens that you can hang from walls and ceilings.  No major attending needed and you can eat what you’ve planted right off the wall.

Yes, it sounds crazy but there are companies that have indoor green gardening kits that people can hang on their walls or other areas of the house.  Kids love these things and seniors find them to be a worthwhile hobby.


Green Gardening Community Events

Green Gardening Community Events

Speaking of having fun for the whole family regarding green gardening, many communities hold various green gardening events.  Farmers both large and small show up with their produce as well as their new products that are related to the endeavor.  There are competitions and showcases featuring celebrity local farmers.  The level of fun can be such that the media just can’t ignore these events.

The county fairs that people love to go to are turning green just like this.  The popularity is such that the corporate farmers are hard put to keep up with the local green farmers.  They’ve seen the writing on the wall as the green gardening has been pulling in dollars.  That’s usually the only way that industry and government and media will pay attention.

Don’t be surprised if you find out that your local politician or police and fire department have their own green gardens and social events.  It’s a great way to save money and it boosts local civic amity.  Showing the public that green gardening is an efficient way to take responsibility, gives people inspiration to do likewise.

Cops and fire departments, even hospitals and politicians not only can use green gardening to raise money but also raise awareness for worthy causes.  Add to the gardening the various recipes the bravest and the boldest produce and you’ve got social events you might have to fight people off with a stick.


The Big Responsibility

Big Responsibility

Now that we’ve had fun looking at green gardening we need to look at the responsibilities involved and the real expectations.

Green gardening like regular gardening might call for asking permissions for certain things.  It can get really silly and complicated if lots of red tapes is involved.  Some communities just let people do whatever they want when they want and it can lead to complications and illnesses and so on.  You’ve got to use the same good sense with regular gardening  as with green gardening.

There are products that you should and shouldn’t raise in your area.  Find out because your local agriculture department will know how to troubleshoot any problems that can arise.  There are products that the local farmers might be concerned about too.  Keep the good dialogue going at public meetings.  Address any concerns and iron out any problems.

If your’e going to sell your products then find out if and how you can.  ‘there might be taxes and other such things that need to be tied up just right.  If you intend on raising animals the green way, that’s going to take some clearance as many areas have zones for livestock only.  The removal of waste has to be done carefully as well.  Believe it or not, green compost is excellent compost and people will pay for it.



Overall, green gardening isn’t that difficult and the rewards far outweigh any negatives, of which there aren’t many.  It’s just a matter of studying and finding out what you, in particular, have to contribute to your efforts and to the benefit of family, friends, and community.

It’s the kind of activity that will bring in an ROI that you can’t shake a stick at.

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