What Is Natural Bodybuilding?

When it comes to looking good, people will go to any lengths to achieve what it takes.  Bodybuilding has been a long time activity that people have undertaken and it has become a billion-dollar industry.  

Natural Bodybuilding

Gillions of dollars in products that cater to the bodybuilding crowd have hit the markets and unfortunately, many have turned out to be dangerous as well as ineffective.  This is where the natural bodybuilding industry comes in when one asks the question, “What is natural bodybuilding?”.


Misconceptions About Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Misconceptions

If you want to get into an argument, just mention bodybuilding.  People will come up with every kind of nonsensical foolishness that you can think of.  Some people haven’t lifted anything heavier than a can of beer but will rail on about how bodybuilding will do this or that and how you’ll be sorry you’ve taken up the activity.

Throw these people out of the bar.  They’re just jealous that you’re trying to improve yourself and have the resolve to do so.  They’re so lazy and self-conscious that they can’t stand to see others do well.  You’ll find creeps like this in any self-help endeavor.

Bodybuilding has helped people lift their self-esteem, maintain their health, and most of all, look good.

At the beginning of the sport in the mid-1800s only stage performers and circus performers took up the sport. It wasn’t even in its infancy but as these men became more popular and the growing sports industry overall grew, so did the sport of bodybuilding.  So in the beginning and well up into the mid 20th century, bodybuilding was natural.  There never was an ‘unnatural’ bodybuilding industry.  That moniker appeared after the use of illegal compounds and such hit the scene.


Where The Unnatural Came In

Unnatural Came In

As bodybuilding became more popular and the money for winning competitions and endorsing products came in, the need to be the best in bodybuilding emerged.  This led to people cheating.  You will never find an industry where cheaters won’t stake their claim.  Bodybuilding is one of them for sure.

As competitors became more famous, so thus did the dollars come rolling in.  More bodybuilders crossed over into the mainstream entertainment media and the products and services they used also grew in popularity.

Competitions weren’t based on how well sculpted the bodybuilders were, but in how big they could get.  This led to doing anything to gain mass.  This meant taking substances that did indeed grow muscle and fast, but also killed people.

Bodybuilding wasn’t the only sport where this all came in, to win in any competition caused an industry of people, even kids and sports stars taking on any illegal substance or guru products that came out on the market.  Needless to say, this led to disaster after disaster down the line.


When Did Natural Bodybuilding Begin?

Natural Bodybuilding Begin

As mentioned earlier, bodybuilding originally started out natural.  It got compromised due to greed.  Luckily thee were doctors and professionals who realized what was going on and demanded a stop to it.  When that didn’t work, they decided to put their muscle where their mouths are and the natural bodybuilding industry re-emerged with a vengeance.

Since women bodybuilders were becoming more popular and women’s sports, in general, got more airplay, being tops in bodybuilding became a prime goal.  Just like in the men’s’ sports, being bigger and badder looking took the prime spot.

It didn’t take long, however for women to realize this wasn’t for them.  Being more aware of the effects of substances on their bodies than men, the natural bodybuilding took hold among the girls and that spread and spread well.


Natural Bodybuilder Contests Rule

Natural Bodybuilder Rule

When the fitness craze blew up in the 1980s, natural bodybuilding got a kickstart.  It hadn’t blown up yet but as bodybuilding and fitness proved how much money they could produce, the need to bodybuild grew.  Doctors started to prescribing resistance training to seniors but the seniors’ bodies couldn’t tolerate the chemicals in the popular bodybuilding market and many seniors just refused to eat anything that wasn’t prepared at home.

It took some time, but the magazines and tv shows would spotlight contests and bodybuilders and the transformation of people was astonishing especially with older people who suddenly looked 10 to 40 years younger and performed all sorts of stunts and exercises that society thought impossible at their ages.

Looking good is its own proof of success and it turns out that after a while the public began to realize they didn’t need to spend a ton of money on chemicals and could build quality muscle by just eating healthy.

Mind you, bodybuilding requires more of certain vitamins, minerals, carbs, and proteins, but they don’t have to be loaded with bodybuilding specialized nonsense, just good old-fashioned food.

The exercises of natural bodybuilding are the same as with regular bodybuilding.  In most cases, you won’t get as huge as the superstars of the sports who claim they don’t use anything but natural ingredients.  The jury is out on that one as many are later found out to have been using illegal anabolic steroids.

The natural fitness and bodybuilding craze was off to a steep rise and a solid foundation.  As statistics came in from the sports world and it was shown that natural bodybuilders were just as popular and profitable as the chemically addicted ones, their popularity grew and the natural bodybuilding era had finally come into its own.


It’s A Real Lifestyle

Real Lifestyle

Natural bodybuilding and natural fitness are true lifestyles now but also different.  The names alone are enough.  With bodybuilding, you’re still doing fitness but emphasizing your muscle growth and shape.  Bodybuilding calls for sculpting the body and that is something that calls for skill and training that is exceptional.

You’ve got to diet right, exercise right, sleep and focus as well as study continually.  Natural bodybuilding may find that each person will respond to foods and beverages differently.

Often it’s found out a regular food morsel will do wonders that only natural bodybuilding will bring out.  When this happens word can spread fast and the next thing you know there are new products on the market from big brand celebs and other such nonsense.

It’s comical how if some natural bodybuilder gets on the web or tv and says a Vermont Pear helped them build muscle, the entire pear growing industry will leap up and prices for pears only from Vermont will leap in price.

It’s just the way people roll.


The Bottom Line Is The Natural You

Natural bodybuilding does something other fitness regimens cannot.  Build muscle to the point that the person can be noticed from a mile away.

Natural bodybuilding brings out the accented what you already have which results in people admiring you and not just the muscle.

You’ll grow muscle in the right dimensions making clothing easier to find.  In some cases, you’ll have to get custom clothing but it’s not something to worry about.

Overall, natural bodybuilding is a combination of the virtues it takes to exercise with weights and the skills it takes to sculpt your body and you’re happy forever future.

Who is Jordan Keller

Senior Writer, Jordan is a certified personal trainer (ACE). He is a former contributor to The Green Parent (UK).