7 Methods to Improve Your Microbiome and Gut Bacteria – Best Prebiotics & Probiotic Product to Use

You may be astonished to know that there are 40 trillion bacteria found on your body, most of which is located in your gut. These are a combination of yeast, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Every individual is made up of different combinations of all this bacteria, with no two people being the same, not even identical twins.

Flat stomach because of probiotics

We have been conditioned to think that all bacteria is bad, but in reality, your stomach needs some good bacteria, which is part of  your gut microbiome.

Naturally, you want the bacteria in your body to be good. There are various things that influence this good bacteria, and other things that can set it awry.

We have found the best methods you can use to improve microbiome and gut bacteria. The sooner you start implementing these into your daily regimen, the sooner you can see the effects good gut bacteria can have on your health, from simply having a flatter stomach to fixing severe digestive disorders.



Eat a wide range of foods

When you have a diverse microbiome, you are setting yourself up for health. The more strains of bacteria one has in their diet, the more these strains may work to produce a healthy microbiome.

Those diets that are heavily saturated in fats and sugars will not produce a healthy gut (especially sugars). This is often found true in the Western Diet. In these traditional diets, it is not unusual to have foods produced from 12 plants and 5 animals.

Therefore, it has been seen that those in Africa and South America have better diversity in gut microbiome than those residing in the United States and Europe.

If you crave sweet foods, consider any of the following to curb your desire for sweeter tasting foods: sweet potatoes, mango, dark chocolate, honey, bananas, apples, and berries.


Eating lots of fruits and vegetables

Along with legumes and beans, it’s another way to keep your microbiome healthy. All of these foods are excellent fiber sources, which makes it harder for the body to digest. Good examples of these include raspberries, chickpeas, broccoli, whole grains, bananas, and apples. Diets that are rich in these may help prevent disease forming bacteria.


Avoid taking antibiotics

These will only destroy the good bacteria in your gut. While they can assist in getting rid of various illnesses, they do not know where to stop. It is also a good idea to skip any meat products that have been treated with antibiotics too.


Take in prebiotics in your food sources

Various  prebiotics have been proven  to decrease insulin, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels in individuals  who are obese. This, in turn, could assist in preventing conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Excellent sources of prebiotic foods include apples, onions, wheat bread, oats, red kidney beans, and mushrooms.


Going to the gym can assist in improving microbiome and gut bacteria

If you are looking for ways to keep your stress levels low while helping a healthy stomach, consider walking. Just 30 minutes can greatly improve gut health.


Load up on the polyphenols

Good examples of these include green tea, grape skin, dark chocolate, cocoa, blueberries, almonds, broccoli, nuts, blackberries, olives, coffee, and vegetables such as onions and artichokes.  Herbs and spices such as cloves and peppermint are also full of polyphenols.


Use Premium Probiotic Supplements

This can help improve microbiome and gut bacteria to help nourish your stomach. Probiotics products contain live microorganisms and yeasts which naturally live in our bodies that offer many health advantages.

These premium probiotic products are generally taken by mouth with a full glass of water. The good bacteria from these pills will stomp down the bad bacteria, fighting off any sickness and infections.

The good bacteria from premium probiotic products will support a healthy immune system and assist the body in controlling inflammation. The probiotics will also help to digest food and breakdown and absorb medications.


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