8 Eco-Friendly Ways To Take Care of Your Hair

Believe it or not, taking care of one’s hair can be a challenge for green living objectives.  Hair is most important in America, and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry.  However, taking care of one’s hair can do detriment to the environment and pocket. Ways To Take Care of Your Hair


We need to look at how to better take care of our hair, and our environment so here is a number of ways that you can handle those tangles and tufts the green way.



Preventative Measures

Preventative Measures

Hair doesn’t get damaged or dirty unless you expose it to the stresses of the day.  Traffic pollution, pets, anxiety and sweat and even room temperature and sunlight can cause the hair to get damaged and need attention.

Remember, hair grows from your skin, and your skin is the largest of your body’s organs.  If the hair is injured, the skin is injured.  You’ll notice that around the world, even in the cold climates that people wear something on their heads.

It’s to prevent the air and sun from doing damage.  This is remedied by wearing a scarf or hat when out and about.  You can take it off once inside, but the more damaged your hair, the more chemical solutions you’ll need to use to repair it.  That costs money and eats up energy.


Eat Right For Hair Strength

Eat Right

Hair is made up of protein.  It’s basically a chain of dead cells whose purpose is multi-fold.  Hair keeps us warm.  Hair keeps us cool.  Depending on which environment your ancestors dwelled in you’ll need to tend to your hair to meet its genetic configuration.  What works for one person may not work for another including members of the same family.

A good diet free of toxins will make managing your hair less of a bother.  Your scalp will produce just the right amount of oils to meet the environment you live in’s demands.  The fewer materials you put in your hair means, the less stress on the environment.

It might scare the cosmetic companies, but the reduced carbon footprint means there will still be people around to buy their products in the future.


Use Green Hair Products

Green Hair Products

With the advent of the Green Movement, manufacturers caught on to the economic value and had produced new products or old modified products to meet the demand.

Nowadays you can find hair conditioners, shampoos, and other hair care products that don’t contain the chemicals that pollute the environment or increase the planet’s carbon footprint.  Most department stores now carry a wide array of green hair care products.

As a mater of fact, the competition is fierce as the industry is raking in tons of money.  People are wary that the chemicals in traditional cosmetics, especially hair care products are not only harmful to the environment but also harmful to humans.  Many of the chemicals have nor reason to be in contact with the human body especially when applied to the skin.

It took some doing but the evidence is in, and smart and conscientious consumers who care about their health and environment are pushing more companies to come up with green alternatives.  If you can’t find a product for your hair you ca make your own, especially rinses.

Using simple plants and creating oils from them does the tick.  In other cases, you can find substitutes for shampoos and conditioners among the global home remedy products.  It’s all a matter of shopping and research, but in the end, you’ll be saving money, your environment, and you.


Use Fewer Shampoos

Less Frequent Shampoos

You don’t need to wash your hair every day.  It’s not good for your hair, your scalp, and the environment.  Your hair was meant to allow the scalp’s oils to be distributed among the strands to keep the hair healthy and protect it against sunlight, pests, and other things.

Hair oil is natural and if you keep washing it out and putting chemicals in it you don’t give the body a chance to fix itself.  You also end up using far too much hot water and that eats up energy and increases the carbon footprint.  Instead wash your hair once or twice a week.  Let it be what it is, a head of natural hair.  In the end, your hair and scalp and environment will appreciate you for it.


Dry Naturally

Dry Naturally

Using a hair dryer eats up energy.  Yes, you’ve just gotten out of the shower and are in a rush to work or a social event, and you need to have your hair dried fast.  With a little planning, you can let your hair dry naturally and save yourself the electricity costs and lower the carbon footprint.

Just plan and have a brush ready.  Brushing the hair and fluffing it will get it to dry in a reasonable amount of time and the heat from the dryer won’t cause damage to the hair and scalp.

If you dry your hair too much, you end up using more and more repairing agents which is counter-productive to the green way of doing things. Let nature take its course instead.  Your hair will be healthier and so will you and the environment.


Put Down The Curling Irons

Curling Irons

Yes, having curls in your hair may be attractive but those curling irons and other energy using hair appliances can be substituted for something more natural.  They also damage hair as hair wasn’t meant to be baked.

Instead, use the old curlers that grandma used to use.  You may look funny for a while, but you’ll be saving energy and money.  You can use just about anything as curlers that won’t damage the hair or scalp  Even paper works well.

Don’t throw out that paper shopping bag or bread ties as they can be modified to be curlers.  It’s just another way of being innovative to live more of a green lifestyle.


Kick The Electric Shavers Out

Electric Shavers

If you have to cut your hair close then, you might want to toss away those electric shavers.  Yes, they’re quick and convenient, but they also burn up energy.

It’s all about saving time, but if you want to live a greener lifestyle, then you can do without them.  Instead, use safe clippers to get the hair cut close and then if you want a buzz cut use electric or better yet, battery operated clippers.


Cut Back On Trips To The Parlor

Trips To The Parlor

Visiting the barber shop or beauty parlor is fun and is more of a social getaway than for a solid purpose.  Sure all the latest gossip can be had at the shop but so will the mileage you use up darting to and fro.

Instead of showing up several times a week, make your trips less frequent or schedule them with oth4er chores or jaunts of interest.  This will minimize the amount of fuel you use, and that goes without saying regarding environmentally conscious people.  You might want to take a class at hair care and do some of the duties yourself.

Bring along family and friends so that when the locks need handling, you can save money, time, and the environment by doing things yourself.  Leave the complicated stuff to the beautician or the barber, but still take some responsibility on your own.


Final Word

It doesn’t take much to see that hair care can be handled more efficiently when regarding green living.  There are lots of alternatives to technologies, techniques, and products regarding such.

It’s a matter of taking the time to look around, take the initiative on your own and study.  You’ll also have to adjust to a different hair maintenance regimen, but it’s a small price to pay for helping to keep your environment safe and sane.

Who is Abigail Myers

Abigail is a writer, she operates her own eco-friendly makeup salon. Abigail is also a certified personal trainer.