Eating Naturally And Not Scaring Yourself To Death

It’s D-Day for you.  Either your doctor has ordered you to a healthier diet or you’ve realized you’ve let yourself go physically and it’s time to start eating right. 

Eating Naturally

Whatever the case you can eat healthier and not scare yourself to death.



The Fear Of Dieting

Fear Of Dieting

The first thing to overcome is one’s fear of dieting.  Dieting doesn’t mean starving.  Dieting means eating certain foods in specific portions.  You may have to forego that weekly chocolate cake or the pizza party with the gang, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have to go out into the wilderness dressed in sackcloth eating scorpions and cactus.

In fact, if you diet right you won’t go hungry and you won’t be able to eat all the foods your health requires.  People make their biggest mistakes here.  They think they have to give up everything that is tasty and delicious and that is total nonsense.  The problem is people either have forgotten what is good or never been introduced to the delicacies that healthy foods afford.

The first thing is to realize you’ve got lots of studying ahead.  That you’ll have to get the definitions of words regarding nutrition that may have escaped you. Here is where most people get confused and clearing these things up leads to better comprehension and applying what you learn.


No Need To Panic

No Need To Panic

There’s no need to panic if the doctor orders you to eat healthier.  It may well be that you’re eating healthy foods already but in the wrong combinations and proportions.

The prime example is calories.  People think the only way to lose weight is to stop eating or eating less and that is totally wrong.  The way fat grows is only one way, too many calories.

Calories are fuel the body utilizes to operate.  When the body needs 2,000 calories a day to operate but you eat 3,000 calories per day, the excess 1,000 calories have nothing to fuel so they get stored by the body as fat.  It doesn’t matter if you ate 3,000 calories of cookies or 3,000 calories of broccoli, you’ll still have eaten 1,000 excess calories and you will grow fat.

People think they need to cut fat from their diets to lose fat.  Not the case here.  Fat is fat.  It tastes good and the body needs fat.  Without the right types of fat and quantities, the mind and body will not perform at peak efficiency.  1,000 calories of fat in your food is just that, 1,000 calories.  If you pile on that extra 1,000 calories after eating your regular amount of necessary calories, you’ll get fat.

This is why people panic because when they get the orders from their doctors they think they have to give up their favorite foods or the foods their family serves.  There is no terror like when a guy has to tell his wife he can’t eat her famous tuna casserole anymore.  That’s not the case. You might find out that you haven’t been eating too much of the dish but you’ll only know that through calorie counting which calls for studying.


What Should I Eat?

What Should I Eat

Here is where the fighting starts.  Making the right decisions on what you should and shouldn’t be eating.  You, first of all, do not listen to other people’s nonsense.  Diets like eating only pomegranate or grape seeds are stupid.  Sure you’ll lose weight as these don’t carry lots of calories but you’ll end up in the hospital.

You want to eat a well-balanced nutritional diet.  You may find it funny that the average person is not only eating far beyond their caloric needs and are still craving food, but that if you had to eat the right foods in their right portions you would spend all day eating and not finish it all.

This is why when people find out which foods are loaded with nutrition, low in calories, and high in tastiness, they freak out either from fear or wonder.  As long as it’s a wonder, you’ll be good to go.

Once you’ve got the idea of what you should eat you’ll have fun putting together the combinations of foods that will lead to exciting and fun meals on a continual basis.  It all depends on which vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbs are required for your daily regimen.  If you’re more active on weekends, then you’ll adjust your diet for that and you’ll eat more or less of certain foods in different ratios.


When To Eat Is Just As Important

When To Eat Is Important

Americans developed a very bad habit.  Eating huge meals three times a day.  It was a sign of prominence even if it is an unhealthy practice.  We eat in one day than most of the world eats in a week.

We also eat those three big meals in an hour’s setting then gobble down snacks in-between meals at a rapid pace.  This leads to the body not knowing what is going on or when it will run out of food and that’s dangerous.  We’re supposed to eat smaller versions several times a day.  This aids in nutrition and metabolism.  It’s an automatic way to lose weight the smart and healthy way.

You’ll want to eat at specific times a day as well as what to eat in what proportions during these times.  Many will argue that a big breakfast is the way to go.  Others will say that a big lunch is the smart thing.  The bottom line is what is good for you is good for you and it takes trial and error to determine what’s best for you.

In addition, some will scream that protein is what you should down during the morning and carbs at night.  Some will argue the opposite.  It all depends on your body type especially your metabolism.  After a thorough exam, your doctor will know what your body type is and its functions.  From here it calls on your nutritionist to fine tune things for you.  Once that’s done you’ll be good to go.


Eat Your Heart Out

Eat Your Heart Out

As we develop in years, our choices in foods change.  Unfortunately, it can be due to indoctrination into certain foods on a cultural foundation.  It might also be that one’s body needs different substances that then alter the cravings impulses.  As this happens people often think like they’re behind all their taste choices when in fact it’s something else.

Eating naturally means organic lifestyle eating.  Organic basically means no pesticides or other additives like preservatives.  Nature provides for its own pesticides and preservatives and these products are now widely available for Americans.  It’s been costly but as more companies have seen the value of organic foods the competition has forced the prices down making such foods more affordable.


Making Your Play

Making Your Play

Now that you’ve done some study you can apply what you’ve learned.  Thanks to social media one can find all sorts of great recipes and combinations for healthier diets.  You can still eat fried foods but not fried foods loaded with chemicals.  You can still eat cakes and pies and cookies, but you can’t eat the ones full of useless calories and pesticides.

If you really want to jam, then make your own personal products.  You’ll then know what exactly goes into them and how many calories they have.  Watch out, they may well turn into a hit among family and friends and you’ll then be ready for a battle to whip them up for others.

Spend some fun time with family and friends trying new fruit and veggie dishes.  Salads are always a favorite and that calls for dressings and sauces too.  Don’t use the processed sugar and table salt ingredients.  Just let things go naturally.  Believe it or not, one of the world’s biggest battles has been over sugar.

Finding a sweetener substitute has had scientists running around like Dr. Frankenstein on crack.  The battle is winding down as new natural sweeteners are emerging and replacing the dangerously questionable artificial sweeteners.

You probably will never get tired using new combinations and win at that.  Especially with fruits and grains.  People love to put whipped cream on anything, but did you know you can make your own whipped cream substitutes out of other substances that are safe and healthy?


Bet that got your attention!

The same goes for gravies and sauces.  Just spending time practicing and you’ll come up with sauces and such that will make you the hit of the party.