What Are The Top Ten Clean Cars?

Here we are in the 21st century and the new cars have been rolling off the assembly lines like they’ve done for the past 100 plus years.  The difference with today’s cars is how they use fuel.  It’s taken this long for car manufacturers to produce vehicles that no longer run on fossil fuels.  

Top Ten Clean Cars

It’s been a major game changer and not without controversy.  At the end of the day, the clean car technologies are winning and we need to take a look at the top ten clean cars on the market today.


The Best?

The Best

The best means that not only does the vehicle perform in regular parameters but surpasses what the best fossil fuel car can deliver.  People buy cars for stupid reasons and it’s taken decades to make them aware of the fact that there are alternatives to fossil fuels and the high costs sure made the advent of alternative green energy cars prohibitive.

Manufacturers knew they had to beat all expectations and after developing engines that worked, they had to put in the bells and whistles that outshone the competition.

This means they had to produce a car that not only had great mileage, but safety, and awesome amenities.  The vehicles had to be easy to operate and maintain.  The cars had to be comfortable and a bit stylish.  They had to have across the board appeal so that adults, kids, families would want them.

The ability for service dealers to repair and supply them had to flow smoothly, and the bottom line, the cars had to be able to hit the speeds, maneuverability, and ruggedness that top cars are renowned for.


From Dream To Reality

Dream To Reality

It took some time for people to like the new green cars.  The challenge was two-fold.  Reach the audience that looked for practicality and efficiency, and meet the expectations of those who wanted a car that could turn heads.

This has always been the challenge of car designers since day-one.  With green cars, it was a bigger challenge because engineers were up against investors who were up against manufacturers who were up against pop-culture opinion.

From the start, the naysayers had the high ground.  That was until the internet exploded ed and afforded people the opportunity to scrounge through the raw research and performance data.  It allowed for new big companies to arise and invest in these green technologies.

Soon the big automakers found themselves looking like cavemen.  The public latched onto the new green cars and people around the world showed how these things could perform.  Once the word got out the cars did what their manufacturers boasted and it became socially acceptable to drive them, you’ve now got people waiting in long lines to get them.

Another surprise was that government no longer could side with the old standards as the new cars were providing jobs, tax revenue, and made enough money to counter the underhanded deeds of the mainstream car manufacturers and their media henchmen.

As soon as the manufacturers of the new renewable energy cars proved themselves and celebrities jumped on board the public has been clamoring for more.  Add to all that the low costs for fuel and you’ve got our top ten right here.


1 – Tesla Model 3 2018

Tesla Model 3 2018

Leading our list is the Tesla Model 3 2018.  Yes, it’s a 2018 model but it’s from Tesla and that alone gives it the props for the top spot.  It’s a luxury vehicle and its price is affordable considering its advanced technologies.  It’s electric and that means green with a big capital G.  With 257 hp, it’s got power along with its style and luxury features.  It’s priced starting at $35k.  Will it become a collector’s item?  Only time will tell.

It’s not that it’s a trendy thing, it’s the vanguard for what other green cars should shoot for.  Most of our other choices are hybrids, but this car takes the cake.  If you have solar power at home and can plug in there, you’re saving even more loot.  Most of all it can go over 200 miles on a charge.


2 – Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Our second choice is the Ioniq from Hyundai.  This hybrid jas all the good stuff and ranges upwards of just over $30k.  It gets an impressive 59 highway and 57 city so it’s fine for those local and long distance drives.

It’s a compact that possesses the pluses of limber handling, fast off the gas pedal and has enough amenities to make driving fun.


3 – Lexus CT

Lexus CT

The Lexus CT rolls in with an MPG of 43 city and 40 highway.  It retails for just over $30k and rolls along with 134 hp.  It’s got some cargo volume that makes it nice for the family at 14.3″.

Since it’s a Lexus you know it’s got the luxury and trendy thing going on.  It’s definitely the forefront of luxury hybrids and upgrades are being promised.  There’s no telling where this vehicle is going as the competition keeps ramping up.


4 – Honda Clarity

Honda Clarity

This is a 2018 jammy that has the trademark Honda Sensing technology suite of driver assistive engineering.  If you’ve got teenagers who’ll be using this plug-in hybrid, then this is a major plus to the no emissions wonder.

This car will get around 47 miles all-electric range and has amenities like environmentally conscious interior materials and an 8-way power driver seat that has two memory settings.  Its navigation system is top tech as well.

The choice here is a plug-in hybrid that has all the latest in comfort and global accessibility for an affordable price.  Style and the clean engine is why it’s top notch.


5 – Toyota Prius 2 Eco

Toyota Prius 2 Eco

The Toyota Prius 2 Eco gets an impressive MPG of 58 city and 53 highway.  It’s not so expensive either and is why at just $25k it ranks here in the middle of the pack.  It’s got a 207 V lithium=ion battery and it’s fuel tank holds 11.3 gallons.

Toyota knows that this hybrid hits high marks and realized that although it doesn’t get high marks for performance and noise as well as driving precision, it gets the great mileage and is very roomy.

It’s functional at a reasonable price and is a tribute to the eco-friendly crowd.  It even looks like it is from the future.


6 – Fiat 500 E

Fiat 500 E

The Fiat 500 E rolls into the competition at a retail price of $32,995.  Fiat went all out to make this car look good and feel good.

It’s like their prime purpose was to do some eco stuff and tack it onto a luxury vehicle.  Well, it works.  It would have made it higher on the list if it were roomier regarding the price but again, it gets high marks for the range.

MPG city of 121 city and 103 highway is quite impressive.  Its range is only 84 miles though.

The innards of this cutie include the Uconnect 5.0 full-color touchscreen, SiriusXM satellite radio, and more.  It’s not for those long jaunts into the country but for around town and city this will save you some money and you’ll have some fun too.


7 – Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

Must have if you like eco, style, and affordability. The Nissan Leaf gets a range of 107 miles on a charge and goes for just a little over $30k.

Nissan gets high marks with this one because it not only has zero, zip, nada, tailpipe emissions but this tiny thing actually has five seats and four doors.  It really gets right to the point regarding eco-friendliness but they’ve made it so that all sorts of amenities can be packed in.  You could probably run the internet with this thing considering all it has inside.

They’ve even gone overboard with the comfort thing with leather-appointed seats and heated rear seats.  The leather thing is a bit unnerving and it defeats part of the purpose of being a car of the future, but some people have to have that leather thing.


8 – Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet Bolt EV

This compact car got high marks all over the place. It hits your pocket book at $36k though and for good reason.  It will go 238 miles on the battery only, even though it’s small it has a roomy cargo volume of 16.9ft.

It might scare you to know that the price tag of $37k plus drops drastically to around $27k plus thanks to federal tax credits!  Considering how much Chevrolet put into this car, that’s a bargain like as in, wow!

The EPA gives this car the high marks and that alone shows that the green cars are seriously making an impact on levels that will soon put petrol out of business.


9 – Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

The monster of this list is the Toyota Mirai.  It gets an impressive 312 EPA rated miles per full fill.  That’s awesome but it comes with a price tag of $57k plus.

To sweeten the deal, you get 3 years of free fuel.  It gets 67 city and 67 highway and sports 152 horsepower and a top speed of 108 mph and a fuel tank that will hold 32.3 gallons.

Yes, it’s luxury to the max for a hybrid vehicle and is the most expensive on the list.


10 – Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric

Ford should be arrested for jumping into the green car business after it’s been discovered that they held onto such technologies for decades.  They and other big car manufacturers are part and parcel to the reason for the carbon problems, but they’ve made up for it with this car.

It gets 118 city and 96 highway. It comes in at around $29k plus.   It seats five and has the coolest recharging technology.  It regenerates while you drive it.  The breaking technology it sports does this.  You can go on and on with this vehicle.



The choices here showcase the best of what makes such new technologies noteworthy.  When the prices come down for these cars they will expand and allow for larger sizes and even more efficiency.

The future is looking bright for green cars and these are the best on the market so far.

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